Corporate events are more like a necessity nowadays, as it not only boosts the energy of the employees but also brings a good platform for reflecting the status of the company. If you are in search of planning your little break time into a memorable one, there are ways we can make it unique too. Then be the change, bring colors to your much-awaited parties and events by conducting it on a super luxury yacht.

If your event covers a small group or big, needed with limited facilities or luxury, a variety of yachts are available in any demand. There are a number of corporate events you can be held on yacht, like, annual parties, team building events, sponsorship events, product launch, office parties, award ceremonies, staff functions, presentation or seminar, gala dinner, year-end party, company anniversary parties, thanksgiving parties, Christmas theme events, new year party, etc.

Annual party on yacht

Annual parties are much-awaited one for the employees. The entertainment and fun they share will surely lift their mood up. The theme parties, fun games, food and drinks, chit chats, that also away from the hustle and bustle of town, will guide to opt for a perfect party on a luxury yacht. You can add a jet ski ride or any water sports according to your interest.

Team building events on yacht

‘Unity is strength’, for every company success is resulted from teamwork. So it is required for the company to ensure the unity of their employees. Also to provide an ice-breaking session for a new employee or a new team. Conducting a team-building event on yacht promises a great atmosphere and flexibility in conducting a program.

Product launch event on yacht

Your new product or service definitely need the best launch in town, be different from others and get ready to launch it in a yacht. As a yacht can provide amenities equal to that of any event centers in land and also can accommodate a group easily.

Sponsorship events on yacht

Surprise your sponsors and clients by hosting sponsorship events on a luxury yacht. Impress your sponsors and other clients alike.

Office parties & Staff functions on yacht

Make your small occasions fun-filled and joyous. Just show how much you care for them.

Award ceremonies on yacht

Surprise your award-winning clients or employees by welcoming them on board to sail on a grand yacht.

Presentation or seminar on yacht

Make your seminars and presentations more accessible to your audience providing a different experience than just inside four walls.

Gala dinner on yacht

Do spice up your private meeting and business deals in style, with a gala dinner in a yacht cruise. You can customize accordingly and your wish will be served.

Year end parties & company anniversary parties on yacht

Year-end parties and company anniversaries are so good to celebrate as it marks the success of a company. And definitely, a showcasing event of transformation happened in the company. Conduct your parties on a  yacht cruise, we count on the elite group.

Christmas party on yacht

Santa Claus and jingles only not enough for a Christmas celebration. Gift your employees with a fantastic party on a yacht cruise with cake and drinks.

New year party on yacht

What is more entertaining than watching the wonderful fireworks in the sky from the sea. Welcome your new year the best way with your colleagues and team.

We Rock Star Events at Dubai Marina, are at the best corporate events planner. The wide variety of luxury yachts will surely impress your clients and colleagues.