Engagement Party On Yacht

If this is your first time party on a charter boat, Rock Star Events offer you a charter guide to walk you through the steps. It’s usually advisable to establish an overall budget of how much you would like to spend on your very special Engagement Party on Yacht. It is not uncommon to pay between $100 to $200 or even more per person for a yacht and a fully catered dinner for party with an open bar. The type of menu you select will have a determining effect on the cost and clearly the more guests you invite, the more expensive it becomes but per person rate comes down.

The next thing to determine, when you are looking for a Engagement Party for Yacht, is to make sure that the boat that you select is Dubai Coast Guard Inspected and certified for the number of guests you will be placing on board for your special Engagement party on yacht event. You must always think: “What is the maximum number of guests that we could possibly have?”

Buffets are most popular on yachts so that there is more time for dancing, meeting in groups or being outside and by the bar. It is also a well known fact that there is more food for the guests on a buffet. The crew keeps the buffet dishes full until they can see that guests are slowing down. If a formal dinner is requested, or you need all guests to be seated at the same time even for a buffet. The yachts in our party fleet the maximum that can be seated at the same time, on the largest yachts, is 240.

It is also important to remember that what the Coast Guard gives as the certified number of guests allowed not take comforts into consideration. Rock Star Events has yachts that the Coast Guard has certified for up to 149 but for space restrictions may be best suited for up to 80 guests. Rock Star Events will guide and offer you into choosing the right yacht for your event based on your requirements based on the number of guests.

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