New Year Yacht Party Dubai

Hire the top premium yachts of the United Arab Emirates from RockstarEvents, and enjoy the bespoke itinerary and top service on the occasion of New Year Yacht Party Dubai. We offer you the flexibility to choose from the many types of boats such as the 7 Star Yachts available to us.

Package includes free drinks and snacks. Our experienced crew members specialize in the decoration and preparation of delicious cakes. For more information about the package, contact us on WhatsApp.

Highlight of New Year Yacht Party Dubai

       Event’s Timing:- 8 P.M to 4 A.M

       Music:- Music:- Blues, Pop Music, Rock and Roll and Hip Hop etc

       Snacks:- Free Drink and Unlimited Beverages

It is that time of the year again when you have to go on a vacation and what better way to kick start your new year than going on a luxurious yacht offered by us. A yacht party in Dubai might just be what you are looking for as there are so many different things to do on one of these yachts.

Another reason that you need to consider for holding these kinds of New Year’s Eve celebrations at our yacths is the fact that you have access to one of the most beautiful views in the world. You can view the fireworks display from your private balcony or from the deck of the ship.

There is no better place where you can enjoy watching all the pyrotechnics come out in all their glory than in this very special location. Not only will you enjoy watching all these fireworks but also you will be able to take part in them yourself by lighting the fireworks of your choice.

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