outdoor birthday party venues in Dubai

Birthday Party in Dubai

Birthdays are a celebration of life! Different cultures have different ways to celebrate birthdays but most of them have one thing in common and that is being surrounded by loved ones. With each birthday becoming increasingly significant; it is impertinent to create unforgettable memories on this day, to acknowledge your growth and to remember who you’ve been.

Throwing a birthday party is one way to go about it and it is customary too! When we think about birthday parties, we think about a static location, say a house or the club but that’s how we’ve been doing since the age of dinosaurs, time to switch it up a little since you don’t want it to be just another birthday.

If you’re in Dubai and wondering exactly how you’re going to accomplish this and looking for fun birthday party ideas, might we suggest celebrating your birthday on a yacht? Hold on, don’t click away, we understand your concerns and we’ve addressed them down below.

How to find a yacht during the Birthday Party?

As amazing as a yacht birthday sounds, where are you ever going to find a yacht? This is where we come in; Rockstar Events will help you celebrate your birthday in style! You could rent a yacht in Dubai and go on an enthralling adventure in our premium yachts along the iconic coastlines of Dubai. May it be a big birthday bash or an intimate private celebration with close friends and family only, we have a yacht ranging from 40ft to 200ft.

 Why birthday party on yacht

Dubai is a wonder, it holds one of the most outrageous testaments to human ingenuity like the Palm Islands or even Burj Khalifa, the list goes on. The best place to take all of this in is cruising on a boat because the view is better. The thing about yachts is that you’re never at the same place twice.

Embark on a journey on the immaculate gulf waters, as each fleeting frame will add to wonderful memories you can fondly look back on in the years to come. Gliding along the coastline, the view changes each twinkle. The bustle of the big city will not drown out your own. The dreamy water ride accompanied by the spectacular night sky lit up by the nightlife of the city is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. On one end you have the calm, pristine horizon with twinkling stars that takes you to a different world and the other end you have the radiance of the dazzling, sleepless city reminding you that you are a part of something big, a very intriguing juxtaposition.

An outdoor birthday party will broaden your perspective and if you are looking for ideas to throw a surprise birthday party for a loved one, this is just it. Not just for adults, kids would love to celebrate their birthdays on a boat.

What you will get

Four hours of craze, blaze and amaze as you party like kings and queens. Check out the epic UAE party life and rest assured, you will be pleasantly surprised. Party like there is no tomorrow as the record keeps spinning. Our world class bartenders will provide the finest cocktails. Your birthday dinner shall be a feast fit for royalty. The entree shall be plethora of delectable dishes and you may pick and choose your favourites.  Indulge in our decadent delicacies and savor every moment. Privacy is not a concern as it is invitation only and you’ll be surrounded by water which is even better than bouncers at the club! We are very customer oriented; safety and satisfaction are paramount to us.

How much does a yacht birthday party cost in Dubai

All of these sounds great but the price has you in jitters and you may wonder just how much a yacht birthday party cost in Dubai does, yachts spell luxury but do not let this discourage you. Yacht Birthday Party packages start at only 3500 AED and is customizable! This affordable luxury will take you on a joy ride while being easy on your pockets. It doesn’t get better than this, party on a yacht just like in the movies as our dedicated staff take end to end responsibility. Once you step aboard, it is our responsibility to ensure you have the time of your life. Size doesn’t matter, we’re well-prepared.

Starting at AED 3500 for 20 People on Luxury Yacht , we don’t stop here.

More the merrier packages:

Birthday on Luxury Yacht 30 People for AED 5500 and

Birthday on Luxury Yacht 40 People for AED 7500

What are you waiting for? Book your yacht today! We are only a click from making your birthday memorable. For more information, do reach out to Ahmed.