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Why Choose Rockstar for Yacht Party?

We organize & entertain you like no other. Presenting you the best handpicked Yacht & Cruises matching different budgets and tastes.

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Yacht Party in Dubai

Everyone loves to celebrate parties for their special day, event or occasions. The way of celebrating the party varies from person to person. It has become an indisputable aspect of the lives of people now. While some people party to relax, another few use party to catch up with their friends. Especially in the cities, people spend their quality time with friends, and family by throwing up a party full of fun and entertainment.

Parties are not just limited to celebrate in the same old ball halls or indoor party halls. Surprise your near and dear ones with a ‘fantastic party’ out at the sea! Dive on in and make a splash by exploring the yacht party that will satisfy you and leaves your guests with long-lasting memories.

Whatever could be, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a promotion, a retirement, an engagement or team party, family reunion, celebrate it on a yacht cruise in Dubai and is going to be the experience of a lifetime. If you’re living in Dubai, then you have a wonderful choice for organizing the cruise party.

Yes, the Yacht Party that includes luxury yacht, weekend yacht, special yacht, private yacht, etc. If you’re wondering where exactly to have a party, we propound high-quality yacht party service at a very affordable price!

This is where!

Celebrating the special occasions or a big event with the friends and family on a yacht in Dubai is going to be the experience for life. But where are you going to have a party? This is exactly where we come in; Rockstar Events will assist you to celebrate your party in style!

Add a new dimension to your parties, by entertaining yourself along with your members surrounded by mystical seawater. Throw up your party at the heart of the Dubai city, in Marasi Marina and Marasi Business Bay; a unique waterfront, where you have a vision of an amazing waterside neighborhood and themed areas.

Celebrate it!

What is better than celebrating your party on a yacht? You will have the fun-filled experience, joy which you will cherish for life. But organizing a party on a yacht is not a straight-forward easiest job. We, Rockstar Events arrange a spectacular party on the sea and enjoy an experience you won’t forget.

We have got several yachts ranging from 40 ft. to 200 ft., which are perfect for your small and large party events. From party decoration to barbeque, grill, cool snacks, wine, and soft drinks, you can design your party the way you want to celebrate with Rockstar Events rental yacht service. Enjoy the party with the sea breezes, the stillness of the sea, and the blue horizons with your members. We assure you in making an enjoyable, unforgettable, charm party with our luxurious facility.

Surprise your dear ones at Affordable Luxury Yacht!

Experience your party in the yacht in an exceptional way. Where do you think to get cheap rental yachts? The major task is finding a good deal and watching it fit within your budget. Every yacht company has its emphasis, be it enrichment, exploration or adventure. Rockstar events, for instance, offer cheap and ready yacht. Come and party over the pleasant seas as the sands of Dubai coastal line kiss the sunset and sail along with the beats of the Marina waves while slipping on Rockstar events yacht cruise.

The way you save!

Party + Yacht = Memories of a lifetime! The yacht party packages start at only 80AED per person with a delectable dinner and are customizable! Our impressive range of yachts will attract you and it will become a dearest venue for all your future events. The rates are always customizable and depend on the kind of yacht you choose.

Starting at 80 AED for a person, we render a wide range of party packages.

The other party packages:

Private House Boat Party at AED 250 per person

Weekend Yacht Party (Every Thursday) at AED 250 per person

Mega Yacht Party for a group of 200 People at AED 5500 (Starting)

Birthday on Yacht at AED 3500 (Starting)

Wedding on Yacht at AED 3500 (Starting)

Success Parties at AED 3500 (Starting)

Weekend Brunch Party at AED 350 per person

In the idea of organizing a party on a yacht? We are ready to make your party a memory which could be cherished for life.

For more information, do reach out to Ahmed and call +971 50 5647991. For booking on Deals, click here!